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Please read ALL directions before completing form

Please read ALL directions before completing form!!






1) Open Entry form by clicking file named "ASentryform08" on disk. (Do not open Excel first!)




1) Fill in first name, Last name, and use the pull down box to select the instrument for each entry.  Use the "MULTI" check box ONLY for students auditioning on more than one instrument. If a student is auditioning on multiple instruments, list the instruments in order of preference.


***NOTE***List students auditioning on multiple instruments ONLY ONCE on the entry form. 


2) Fill in the grade of each student. 


3) Please double check spelling BEFORE submitting.  This will be used for the program as entered.





If you are receiving a warning about macros when opening the form, one of the items below will resolve the issue. 

           {NOTE ñ If you open the file and disable the macros, the form will not work correctly!}


  1) If given the option, select enable macros.

           (You may also check the box that says "Always trust macros from this source.")

  2) Check the box that says "Always trust macros from this source.". 

           Then select enable macros.

  3) If you are not given the option to select "enable macros" follow these instructions:

                      1)Cancel (click "X") opening the Allotment file.

                      2)Excel should still be open, go to TOOLS, MACRO, SECURITY.

                      3)Select the "Security Level" tab.

                      4)Change security level to "medium".

                      5)Click "OK"

                      6)Close Excel

                      7)Reopen Allotment form by clicking file name on disk.


This year’s form is a bit different and includes Orchestra. If you have other problems please contact me at (school)337-528-7735 or (Cell)337-515-1634.


Fred Roeder - Sulphur High School Band